Safeguarding Ukraine

through defence investment & security cooperation


Trident Defence is a commercial enterprise with a mission to develop the defence-industrial base of Ukraine through investment, innovation and security cooperation with the US, NATO and EU.

Trident Defence emerged from the Noosphere ecosystem of companies with a distinct governance structure tailored for industrial collaboration in the security and defence sector.

Based in Silicon Valley, Noosphere Ventures manages a global portfolio of civilian IT and space companies with a turnover two billion USD and 5,500 employees, 5,000 of whom work in Ukraine.


Russia’s aggression has made defence a national priority and cemented Ukraine’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic community. The USA, NATO, and the EU are prepared to engage Ukraine with a new level of security cooperation.

Ukraine’s defence forces are in the process of transformation and require significant investments to modernize. National defence spending and international support are on the rise, but returns on investment are low, due to inefficiencies of the state-owned defence industry.

Private Ukrainian defence enterprises are responding to the needs of the Ukrainian war fighter with agility, but entrepreneurship is jammed by outdated regulations and constraints on international cooperation.

Trident Defence is adapting the successful business model pioneered by Firefly Aerospace of reducing costs and increasing value by exploiting synergies between Ukrainian and American workforce, management, and technologies.

Like Firefly, Trident will mitigate regulatory, corruptionm and technology risks through a long-term investment horizon, the active promotion of international security cooperation, and strict compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).



Trident Defence is open to cooperation in any defence area of practical concern to Ukraine, and is currently developing partnerships in the following areas:

  • Small arms and light weapons
  • Electronic warfare and directed energy
  • C4ISR
  • Data analytics
  • Demining

Trident Defence will implement this strategy with three lines of effort:

  • Co-production of US, NATO, and the EU defence technologies in Ukraine;
  • Marketing of Ukrainian defence technologies in the US, NATO, and the EU countries;
  • Fostering the national security innovation base of Ukraine.

We look forward to any and all discussions with government and private industries to move these plans forward to success.

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